is one of the largest and most popular phone chats in Europe.

Thousands of people use shuffley because it is free of charge for anyone with a flat rate for land-line calls.

With shuffley, you will be able to directly get in contact to thousands of people from all over the world – anonymously!

Your voice community

Imagine the light-heartedness of speaking to someone with absolutely no strings attachment, speak out freely what´s on your mind, about your feelings, desires and anything you want!

Make new friends

She is here to talk, he is here to speak, we are all here to listen. We have created an environment where people can freely have social contact with other people around the country and beyond.

Direct & personal

We at shuffley thrive and continue to bring you the most honest, direct and easy tool for communication to keep all of us together.


Group rooms

Thanks to our multiple chat rooms, you can meet your friends in the comfort of your home, and discuss the topics you want with the people you want for hours. Moreover, you do not pay any extra fee to your tariff.

Just pure voice

We all know photos and posts offer the best presentation of ourselves... but where is the reality in that? Where is the warmth and the sense of humour our voices bring in the conversation?

Learn a language

You can chat with participants from all over the world in their own languages, practice without going abroad and improve your diction.

Use for business

You can use our VIP rooms for your company's mobile meetings, you can benefit from professional voice service at no extra cost with our private rooms

How to use?

To access Shuffley you don't need any App or internet connection! Click on the button and dial in directly from your smartphone!

With the phone keypad you have full control of the Shuffley menu.

Click the 1 button to enter head-to-head mode and get in touch with another random user. Click the 0 button to move to the next user as many times as you like.

Click the 2 button to access the anonymous Party Room, where 3 users randomly selected by the system will wait for you.

Click on button 3 and enter the private Party Room. After typing the 6-digit Pin of your choice together with your friends, colleagues, relatives and enjoy the unlimited number of participants for as long as you like.

Press asterisk (*) to return to the main menu at any time!
What are you waiting for. Try Shuffley and see how easy it is 😉

Is shuffley really free of charge?

We strictly offer our phone chat 100% free of charge. Dialing into the shuffley phone chat works via a regular land-line number. In case you have a telephone flat rate for your mobile phone or land-line provider, dialing into the Base Chat phone chat is free of charge.

We will neither charge fees per-use nor one-time fees.